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American Vessel Documentation to Learn the Truth About Vessels Anywhere

Are you in the process of researching a vessel you’re considering purchasing and need sources of information you can implicitly trust? Does it seem like, while there may be plenty of vessel information online, precious little of it is reputable? We know how much of a struggle it can be to find the information you need for a vessel from someone you can rely on. Those are some of the reasons that make it easy to get an Abstract of Title. Here at our American vessel documentation site, you can find out just about anything you would need to know about a vessel from just about anywhere before you buy it. 

What the Abstract of Title Offers 

With an Abstract of Title, you’re essentially getting the real, true, and uncut history of the vessel. So, you’ll know when it was made, who made it, whether there were significant changes done to the vessel, and so forth. Perhaps even more importantly, you’ll know definitively whether or not it had mortgages and liens against it. Additionally, you’ll know if it currently has mortgages and liens against it, too. That way, you’ll have all of the information in front of you before you make a decision about buying the vessel. 

Foreign Vessel Title Search/Transcript of Registry 

“That sounds great,” you might be thinking, “but the vessel I’m interested in isn’t in the United States right now.” That’s fine, too. In fact, that’s why we make it easier to get a Foreign Vessel Title Search/Transcript of Registry form, too. More or less, these give you the same information that you would get from an Abstract of Title. But, they can give you that information about vessels currently not in America. As of this writing, you can use these forms to learn more about vessels in Canada, Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, the UK, and the British Virgin Islands. 

Why This Matters 

“This vessel is only a couple years old,” the vessel owner might have emailed you. “It’s practically brand new.” You take them at their word, and then you get the Abstract of Title. That document tells you that the vessel is actually five years old and has had several previous owners that you weren’t told about. This document can keep you from getting into a “sticky situation” with a vessel, so to speak. 

American Vessel Documentation for Your Vessel Today and Tomorrow 

The Abstract of title and the Foreign Vessel Title Search/Transcript of Registry documents can be important, but for many vessel owners, they’re just the beginning of the documentation journey. Once you’ve purchased your vessel, for example, it may be time to get your initial documentation or renew the documentation that’s already there. If you’ve moved or you’ve moved your vessel to a new hailing port, we have the documents for that and so, so much more. If you have any questions, you can head to our site or give us a call.